Abels Scolarship

Abels Scolarship

The closest most of us will ever come to immortality is to be remembered by future generations. Thanks to Temple University, Joel and Lenore Abels, former owners and publishers of Travel Trade, are being remembered and admired every year when a scholarship in their name is awarded to an outstanding student in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Due to the generous contributions of travel agents and travel executives, the endowment was funded in time to present the first scholarship four years ago to senior Lisa Kerr. She did well enough to earn an internship at Ripley Castle in Yorkshire and today is working for a hotel company in Boston. Since then the academic achievements of 3 more outstanding students have been recognized.

In 2009 Tara Miller won the scholarship. Her skills and interest in the hospitality market drew her to the attention of HSMAI (Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association Internationa). Tara completed her senior internship with Destination DC and she did so well that HSMAI offered her a permanent position. Tara can now be found in Washington DC where she is HSMAI’s Partnership Coordinator. Go Tara.

Not to outdone, in 2010 Justin Wusinich captured the prestigious Joel and Lenore Abels Scholarship. Justin spent a semester studying abroad in Rome where he even attended Rome Skal meetings. He so impressed Hyatt while he was completing his senior internship at the Hyatt in Monterrey that they hired him for their Corporate Management Training program. Justin can be found at the Hyatt in Miami today.

And only a few weeks ago the newest recipient of the Abels Scholarship, Sara Garvey, received the award. Sara is currently a junior at Temple. Her hard work both academically and in the tourism field made her an outstanding choice for the 2011. Last year she was the Director of Communications for the on campus HSMAI student chapter and is currently President. We look forward to great things from Sara.

The Joel and Lenore Abels Scholarship is an ongoing endeavor. The greater the endowment, the more monies are made available to deserving students entering their senior year. You can be part of that endowment by making a tax deductible contribution.

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